1. Merchandise for sale must be items that are authentically made by the vendor who will be present at the show. Store bought items, catalog-ordered items, Pandora Beads, or imported articles are prohibited. Plants, potpourri (as the only item), oils, candy, and audio recordings are also unacceptable. The show staff reserves the right to prohibit any merchandise which is questionable in nature. Photographic evidence of items being crafted by the vendor is required as part of each vendor’s registration materials. Edible items may only be sold if they are packaged & intended to be consumed off premises, follow the food safety regulations on the craft festival website, and do not violate the university’s concessions contract. Please verify acceptability with show staff prior to registration.
  2. Upon request, one outlet plug (2 receptacles) will be provided to each space at a charge of $20 total for both days. The reservation for the electrical outlet must be made in advance. After November 1st, the electrical charge will increase to $30.00. Electrical load cannot exceed 110 volts, 15 amps without prior permission of the building electrician. Extension cords or power strips are the responsibility of the Vendor. Misuse or overload of electrical circuit will result in immediate disconnection and forfeiture of outlet rental fee.
  3. All transactions between the Vendor and customer are the responsibility of the Vendor. Vendors must have their own change funds. The customer has the right to request and receive a receipt. The collection and remittance of Florida Sales Tax is the responsibility of each exhibitor. Sales tax questions should be directed to Florida Department of Revenue, 386-418-4444.
  4. Exhibits must be set by show opening and staffed by individuals over the age of 18 until show close on both days. All participants must follow the load-in and load-out schedules stated in the confirmation letter.
  5. Security guards will be on duty overnight, but the University cannot guarantee the safety of materials. All Vendors are required to sign the registration form releasing the University from responsibility for damage or theft.
  6. Pets and helium balloons are not permitted in the venue.
  7. The University of Florida is proud to be a 100% tobacco-free campus. Cigarettes and other tobacco products (including vaping) are prohibited on all campus properties, including in vehicles, parking lots, outside areas, and all facilities.
  8. There will be no refunds, and booths are not transferable.
  9. Use of the UF or Gator logo in any materials must be approved in advance from the University of Florida Licensing Department. Please visit http://floridagators.com/sports/2015/12/10/_licensing_p_faq.aspx for information. Representatives from the Licensing Department will monitor items being sold during the show and will impose a fine for those using the University of Florida logo or trademarks without prior approval.
  10. Forms must be completed in their entirety, and all deadlines as set forth in the cover letter must be met in order to be considered as a Vendor.
  11. All merchandise and display equipment must fit in the marked space of the booth (8’ x 2.5’tabletop, 8’ x 10’booth, or 10’ x 10’ booth). There will be no storage area supplied. Vendors must ensure there are no disruptions emitting from their booth. Vendors ARE NOT ALLOWED to block the aisle ways by sitting outside of their booth space, please plan your layout accordingly knowing you need to sit/stand within your space.
  12. Open Flame Policy- open flames are subject to inspection. You must have a fire extinguisher. Flames must be on or contained in non-flammable containers and bases. Displays must receive flame retardant certification.
  13. Misuse/abuse of the O’Connell Center, its staff, or any of its equipment will be grounds for immediate dismissal.
  14. Rules are subject to change. Continued participation of the Vendor is at the discretion of the show staff.
  15. Vendor shall protect, maintain, save and hold harmless the University, its officers, agents, servants and employees from and against any and all claims, demands, expense and liabilities arising out of injury or death to any person, or the damage, loss or destruction of any property which may occur in or about the venue (including any portion thereof which vendor has not been given the right to occupy or use pursuant to the terms of this Agreement) or which may arise or in any way grow out of any act or omission of vendor, its agents, invitees and patrons’ use and occupancy of venue.


All questions should be directed to the show staff at (352) 273-1855.