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For information on renting the center, please contact Jeremy Cynkar at For touring shows, please contact Lynda Reinhart at

Information About the Main Arena

  • The roof supports a theatrical grid system. Please contact us for more details regarding the weight capacity.
  • Three levels of seating surround the main arena floor which is 14.5 feet below ground level to take advantage of the constant temperature of the earth.
  • The O’Connell Center’s flexibility is enhanced by the many pieces of equipment, which can be moved and retracted. The basketball goals, the stage, and the drop-in basketball and volleyball floors are examples of this unique flexibility.


Level 1: Main Arena floor. Loading dock is located on this level.
Level 2: Street Level. Patrons enter the building on this level when arriving for an event and includes the main concourse for seating. Parking is located on this level.
Level 3: Can only be accessed via staircases or elevators within the arena. Includes the 200 level seating for events.

Seating Capacities

With all of the seating in use, the O’Connell Center main arena can accommodate almost 10,500 spectators. In addition, we also can seat people in folding chairs on the main arena floor during concerts or banquets.

Event Capacities


Full House (180 degree scaling): 6,200-6,400
In the Round: 10,500

180 degree scaling
Speaking Engagements

Side-Stage Set: 2,500-3,500
Full House: 6,000-7,000

Side-Stage Set

Men’s Basketball: 10,136
Women’s Basketball: 10,136
Volleyball: 10,136
Gymnastics: 9,251
Swim and Dive: 1,005


Up to 1,200

Red Shoe Affair
Trade Shows

Service Level: 110  (8 ft X 10 ft booths)
Concourse Level (non-Arena): 140 (8 ft X 10 ft booths)
Total Exhibition Booths: 250
Total Exhibition Space:
Service Level: 20,000 sq. ft.
Concourse Level (non-Arena): 25,000 sq. ft.
TOTAL– 45,000 sq. ft.

Entire Building: 276,475 sq. ft.

Dimensions (Main Arena Floor)

Level 1 (bleachers in) — 172 feet x 118 feet
Level 1 (bleachers out) — 130 feet x 74 feet


Floor to grid: 76 feet, 6 inches
Floor to roof: 118 feet
Floor to Level 2: 15 feet

Multipurpose Rooms 

Practice Court

  • The practice court is located on Level 2 between Gates 3 & 4.
  • The main users of the court are the men’s and women’s basketball team, the women’s volleyball team, and the Dazzlers dance team. It is also rented out for smaller banquets and functions.

Gymnastics Studio

  • The gymnastics studio is located on Level 2 between Gates 1 & 4.
  • The studio is used by the Gator Gymnastics team.
  • This room is used “exclusively” by the Florida Gators Gymnastics Squad.

Dance Studio

  • The Dance Studio is located on Level 2 just inside the main lobby.
  • The Studio is used by numerous dance groups, in addition to UF Classes, and Floridance, the UF dance company.
  • It features a wooden floor covered with special non-skid Marlee mats, a complete wall of mirrors and bars, and privacy curtains.

Orange and Blue Room

  • The Orange and Blue Room is located adjacent to the Loading Dock at Gate 4, service level.
  • This room is used by UF Classes and Clubs on a regular basis for activities that have included martial arts, fencing, aerobics, dance, and yoga over the years. In addition, it is used for banquets, press conferences, and backstage parties.
  • The room is approximately 4,825 square feet.


Our 50-meter Olympic-sized pool is one of the fastest in the world. The 648,000-gallon pool can be used as two 25-yard courses with a warm-up area in the middle, two 25-meter courses without a warm-up area, or a full 50-meter course, all by moving the two sliding bulkheads to the desired position.

The pool bottom slopes rapidly from five to eighteen feet, which greatly reduces the rebound of waves from the bottom. The extensive gutter system is designed to absorb any water that slaps against the pool’s sides so that there are no waves from which to rebound.

The retractable bleachers can seat 1,005 for swim meets.

There are men’s and women’s locker rooms located just off the pool deck. They can also be accessed from the hallway on level one.

The pool has two one-meter and two three-meter diving boards. There are also two diving platforms; one is five meters and the other is ten.

Auxiliary Spaces

RoomSizeArena Level / LocationCapacityMirrorsNumber of ToiletsNumber of ShowersPhone HookupsAdditional Notes
Performers’ Dressing
Room # 1340
SmallLevel 1 – Zone 44Yes11Yes 
Performers’ Dressing
Room # 1360
SmallLevel 1 – Zone 44Yes11Yes 
Performers’ Dressing
Room # 1350
LargeLevel 1 – Zone 410Yes11Yes 
Performers’ Dressing
Room # 1355
LargeLevel 1 – Zone 410Yes11Yes 
Women’s General
Locker Room
LargeLevel 1 – Zone 242Yes48Yes 
Visiting Team Locker 1LargeLevel 116Yes31No 
Men’s General
Locker Room
LargeLevel 1 – Zone 327Yes3 Stalls
3 Urinals
Visiting Team Locker 2SmallLevel 16Yes11No 
Visiting Team Locker
Room # 1125
MediumLevel 1 – Zone 113Yes24No 
Orange and Blue RoomVery LargeLevel 1 – Between Zone 1-4324Yes00YesCan be divided with on-site
portable partition
Practice CourtVery LargeLevel 2
– Between Gate 3-4
434No00NoLocated on Level 2;
Available on a limited basis
Center Court ClubLargeLevel 2 – Between Gate 1-4150YesF – 8
M – 2 stalls, 5 urinals
0NoLocated on Level 2;
Available on a limited basis
Dance StudioLargeLevel 2 – Inside Gate 1147Yes00NoLocated on Level 2;
Available on a limited basis
Florida RoomLargeLevel 2 – Inside Gate 2100Yes00NoLocated on Level 2;
Available on a limited basis

Note: There are other areas in the building and on site that may be utilized for various purposes.
The decision to use these spaces will be made on a per event basis.

Rate Card

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Our rate card is intended to give clients an idea of the costs associated with an event. It is subject to change, additional rules may apply, and each event will have specific requirements for staffing levels and equipment usage. Please contact our staff for an actual cost estimate.

Contact Information

For information on renting the center, please contact Jeremy Cynkar at

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