1.) Download the following forms. Once completed, submit them via fax or email (scanned copies if by email) to the O’Connell Center Employee Relations Office:

New Hire Demographic Form
OPS Application
Proof of Selective Service (men only)
4-in-1 Form (we have a notary on site during business hours Monday-Friday for this form or you can have it notarized elsewhere)

*A LEGIBLE Driver’s License
*Social Security Card (original required, we can make a copy)

**You can mail, scan or fax your forms and license, buy you must bring your original social security card in for us to copy. This can be done the first day you work for our department, BUT it cannot be done after, so bring it by in advance or first thing when you arrive for your first shift**

Fax: (352) 392-7106
Email: Stephen C. O’Connell Center HR

2.) The ERO then submits your initial paperwork to the university so it can begin the GatorStart process.

3.) The university will send an email to you outlining all required paperwork of GatorStart (we cannot allow you to work until you do your part in GatorStart) please complete the GatorStart paperwork within 3 business days of receiving the email.

4.) From there, the Employee Relations Office will finalize your paperwork with the university and you will be able to work.