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Merchandise for sale must be items that are authentically made by the vendor who will be present at the show. Store bought items, catalog-ordered items, Pandora Beads, or imported articles are prohibited. Plants, potpourri (as the only item), oils, candy, and audio recordings are also unacceptable. The show staff reserves the right to prohibit any merchandise which is questionable in nature. Photographic evidence of items being crafted by the vendor is required as part of each vendor’s registration materials.

Edible items may only be sold if they are packaged and intended to be consumed off premises and follow the food safety regulations designated by the Florida Department of Food Safety ( If your business is not covered by the Florida Cottage Food Law (, then you will be required to provide proof of ownership of a current food safety permit prior to participating in the show.

Vendors with merchandise bearing likeness to officially licensed and trademarked logos and other materials must have proper licensing in hand to be presented upon request. For University of Florida licensing please visit . For other licensing please call appropriate authorities.


You can contact the Show Coordinators at 352-392-7238 or to be placed on our mailing list at any time throughout the year. Official application packets will be mailed out in June for new vendors and need to be promptly returned. Should you be offered a booth, a registration packet will be sent to you and you will have approximately 30 days to complete and return the packet with payment and photos that provide proof of you making your items. Deadlines for registration vary based on when we are able to offer a booth, so contact the Craft Festival coordinators for those dates. You will then be mailed a confirmation packet approximately one month prior to the show that will include all of the final show details.


If you were a vendor in last year’s show, a Registration packet will be automatically mailed to you in May. Due to the recent renovation to the O’Connell Center, the configuration of booths may need to be modified. We are still in the process of adapting the site map as needed, so you may not receive the same booth you had in the previous year. If you want to change spaces from a previous year, you will need to indicate this on your registration form, and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. Finally, we must have a signed product registration on file prior to the start of the event. Coordinators reserve the right to request removal of any products not listed on the registration.

REMINDER, this is an invitation only show. Failure to follow the rules will result in forfeiture of future registration. Future participation is at the discretion of the coordinators.

Once you have mailed in your registration form with your payment, a space is reserved for you. You will not receive additional written information until approximately one month prior to the show. This information packet will include a receipt, load-in information and official confirmation. As always, feel free to call or send email if you have additional questions.